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Just every now and then, we find time to close up the studio and take a few days off - or once in a while, we're responsible to family who need us.  If I'm gone, everyone is gone.  PLEASE NOTE that I can sometimes get an order out even when I'm not on the premises.  Even when I'm gone, I pick up my email remotely, so if you're in a bind some way for patterns, kits, etc., please CONTACT ME through the "Talk to Us" page, and I'll get back to you!
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281-225-5011 - phone
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We hope that you love everything you purchase from us, but if for some reason you're not completely happy, please contact us (use the information above or go to the Talk to Us page), and we'll work out the best solution possible.  We stand behind our products 100%,
Refunds or Exchanges 
If you receive something that is incomplete (like a pattern missing its drawing or template sheet), we are most happy to send you the part you're missing ASAP, with our apologies!  Sales for Fun Finds and Notions can be refunded, as long as they remain unopened, at the receipt total + 5% & return shipping is not covered..   We cannot refund printed materials, cut yardage, or any kind of kit for obvious reasons.
We believe in paying the least possible for shipping, and we know you do, too!  Our shipping costs are adjusted manually after checkout, so you may see a little difference in your credit card receipt compared to checkout online.  Also, sometimes the dollar amount doesn't take into account bulkier or more delicate items, which may need special packing.  We use USPS rates and flat rate envelopes & boxes most often.  If your item is very small, sometimes we can use First Class to save you a little money.   Because our patterns can vary in thickness, it is impossible to guarantee a certain number for a flat rate envelope, though we're good at maxing that out for your benefit!  
For our wholesale customers, we compare USPS, UPS and FedEx for your larger orders, to give you the lowest shipping price in the time you need.
International orders are Global Priority.  We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged orders outside the United States. 
Processing Time
After you take the time to pick something out, you want it right away - we know, we do, too!!  So our guarantee to you is that we ship within 48 hrs,, except holidays & weekends.  If it happens that you need something sooner, give us a call.  That is, of course, as long as there are no hurricanes, floods, or power outages!!  (Just kidding - we only had that happen once!)
This is one case where we just refuse to share!  Your personal information is safe on our secure website.  In addition, we do not under any circumstances give your information to anyone else!