About Us

Hi & welcome! from me, Pat Bruce 

I'm glad you took a little extra time to come to this page to see what we're about!  When someone doesn't know me, I'm often asked whether I'm Daisy or Dell.  It's fun because I get to see the surprised look when I say "Neither, I'm Pat"!
Daisy & Dell are the names of my two grandmothers, Daisy Simpson and Della Knox (everyone called her Dell).  Naming my business after them seemed a good way to honor them, and I hope they'd be pleased.  Grandparents are special in so many ways!  I'm blessed to have spent so much time with them.
Ever since I made doll clothes as a little girl I've used thread & needle - sometimes it was a crochet hook or knitting needle, and very often a needlepoint needle anywhere from tiny to large!  Of the "other" (than quilting or applique) needles, I enjoyed this one the most, having stitched many hand-painted canvases from small ornaments to Kaffe Fasset's beautiful pillows and even some of my own designs!
I gained a love of quilting watching my Grandma cut quilt squares from cardboard templates, make 1,000’s of yo-yo’s, and appliqué & embroider (she taught me, too), all in her patient, undisturbed way. It was pure delight to look through her stash of beads, buttons & sequins – so you’ll not be surprised by my embellishment projects!  Then after watching her appliqué so much (most of her quilts are appliqué with embroidery), I decided I would never want to do THAT!  But now that I am the grandma, my greatest enjoyment is – you guessed it – Appliqué!!!  Of all the things I do, designing & stitching appliqué is my great favorite! 
We have a 2 children & four grandgirls.  And you'll see pictures of Jake, the Springer Spaniel on the website and the blog.  We got him the day before Hurricane Ike hit Houston, so it was quite a homecoming!  We're growing and want to thank you for your continued support!  It's a blessing to work at what you love! 

And About Daisy & Dell . . . . 
Our designs have been called Happy, Cute, Fun, Cottage-y, Upbeat, Whimsical!  We plan to offer DESIGNS for quilts, table dressing, holiday (we really enjoy Christmas and Valentine's), special occasions including wedding & anniversary, house-warming, birthday, etc., baby, home decor, block of the month, and more, using various TECHNIQUES like embroidery, hand & fusible applique, paper-piecing, chenille, everything textured & 3-D, in all SIZES from Little to Large.  We hope everyone from beginner to advanced can find a project they like!
Our patterns incorporate various FEATURES to clarify, teach, suggest options, and offer ideas.  You may not find all of them in every pattern, but I hope you always find just the ones you need!  Here's a sampling:
Drawings & Templates 
. . . . are digital for accuracy and are single-sided for easy tracing, and there are always pressing directions.
First Thoughts 
. . . . at the very beginning of a pattern - to suggest appropriate fabrics, colors or sometimes optional changes in the design you might want to consider before you start cutting.
Finishing Thoughts 
. . . . at the end of the pattern, to offer ideas for binding, quilting, extra embellishment, or maybe special care for a quilt - just anything that might help you finish up!
. . . . to explain the purpose for something (so you can see where you're going) or to suggest options to the design or to the techniques.
. . . . which point out the best way to carry out the instructions or warn you of possible problems.
Time is short, and we realize you often need something quick and easy, just for an afternoon or a quick gift, but we also know from experience that sometimes the most relaxing project is one that is finished over time.  You look forward to returning to it because of the quiet satisfaction of handwork or the fun of embellishment, knowing there will be something special in the end.  I'm always kind of sad to finish a longer-term project, kind of like finishing a good book - then I go right on to the next one, anxious to make the same old friend of it!  
We're so busy in our lives doing those things that need to be done. The time that's left is precious and deserves to be enjoyed!  So when you choose one of our projects to spend time with, we are both flattered & appreciative!  
At Daisy & Dell our sincere hope is that you'll find real enjoyment as you stitch our designs, that you'll grow in skill & knowledge as a result, and that somewhere along the way, you'll find a smile creeping upon your face!
Always Yours,