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Merry Christmas to All - Block of the Month

This 12 to 16-month Block of the Month is a delight with its whimsical treatment of the letters in the words "Merry Christmas"!  
Both fusible & hand applique instructions and separate drawings, embroidery, and embelllishment with buttons, beads, jingle bells, ribbons, sequins, and more!  The designs are versatile, and there are many places to simplify or individualize; instructions advise.  Fast as a fusible project, or precious with hand applique!  
This is for the set of 16 patterns.  There are 14 applique patterns (1 per block), 1 pattern for the two Pieced Star blocks, and 1 Finishing Pattern.  Patterns are also available individually by clicking the blocks below or going to 'Block of the Month' on the Home Page.  
You definitely won't want to miss our special Button & Thread Kits (Button Kit is at the top, Thread Kit is at the bottom of choices below).  The Button Kit has more than all the buttons you need to finish, including a custom group of "Just Another Button Company" buttons, specially chosen!  The Thread Kit contains all the floss & sparkly fibers used in the original quilt, plus some extra colors to add versatility & allow you creative flexibility!  Great with any fabric choices.  
Note:  You can start with any block you like, of course, but the first block, Star M below, has extra information pertaining to all the blocks, which may be helpful to read before you get started.  If you want to begin with another block, consider purchasing the Star M pattern with it. 
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