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Great Flakes! - A Singing Christmas Ornament

5 1/2" x 5 1/2"
This frosty little snowman doesn't mind blowin' in the wind!  He is just the 1st in a NEW SERIES of Christmas Ornaments - and they sing!Using fusible or hand applique, they are lightly stuffed with polyfil, adorned with darling buttons, beads & embroidery, and trimmed around the edges with a ribbon hanger at the top.  (Pattern and Embellishment Kit available separately; Sound Card & Heirloom Box available only as part of the Gift Package), which includes a Sound Card.
AND (here's where the singing comes in) there's an optional pocket in the back to hold a Sound Card with a pre-recorded Christmas carol, which plays each time you push the button!  (The card can be recorded with your own message - or singing, if you prefer.)  BUT there's more!  You can purchase a GIFT PACKAGE, an Embellishment Kit, and a beautiful, Heirloom Box (with a window in the hinged top & and attached ribbon) to store your ornament from year to year.  OR give your ornament as a gift - all you have to do is place the ornament in the box, close the hinged top and tie the ribbon over it for a perfect presentation.  That's it!  You're finished!  For a quilting friend, you could give the Gift Package, all tied up with the included ribbon, & place the Pattern inside (it fits perfectly inside the box, peeking through the window) for a delightful project that will give her everything she needs to make this little snowman while the frosty winds blow outside!
Price: $6.99
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