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'For Unto You' Block of the Month Set

Rich texture & gently whimsical design touches combine to present a wall hanging with the true Christmas spirit.  Like the pieces of a puzzle, each word intersects another, reminding us of the One who gave these gifts that special night.
You can trim your gifts exactly as we have, or trim them your own special way - there are so many possibilities to individualize!  Either way, you will want to take advantage of our Embellishment Kit - with 150 buttons on the quilt, it becomes a very handy item!
This Block of the Month has 15 patterns, one each for each letter, one for the Lower Gift Section (lower part of the middle) and a Finishing pattern. 
Patterns contain all the information you need to applique (both hand & fusible instructions), embroider (stitch Diagrams included in each pattern), and embellish each one.  Diagrams are straight-on & mirrored for either applique technique in each pattern.  The finishing pattern explains assembly,  borders and finish-up applique and embellishment.  Patterns include information for embellishing as you go, or the General Information (contained in the Joy "J" pattern) suggests an alternative for embellishing after the quilt is completed.
In addition to instructions, for its own block, the first pattern, Joy "J", contains a picture of the whole quilt (so you know where you're going), a diagram showing placement of block diagrams, and 4 pages of General Information, which pertains to the whole quilt.  We recommend you purchase this pattern as your first block; even if you want to start your quilt with another block, we suggest adding this pattern to it to begin.
Patterns can be completed in any order with ONE ExCEPTION:  the Upper Gift Section must be completed before the Lower Gift Section, since some pieces must be cut in the Upper to use in the Lower, and because applique spans the seam between those blocks.
We highly recommend our Embellishment Kit with everything you see on the quilt - ribbons, all the 150 buttons, a jingle bell, DMC floss and all the metallic fibers - packaged in the darling tin you see below!  You don't have to add a thing!
The price below is for the set of 15 patterns.  To purchase them one at a time, click on any of the block images. 
Price: $157.50
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